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Shijiazhuang Qiandong Import Export Trade Co Ltd with the background of Qiandong livestock Products plant is a professional supplier of animal hair and animal hair further products which have more than 20 years experience for animal hair extraction Our main product Animal fine hair Violin bow horse tail hair Bristle Goat hair Badger hair for shaving brush horsehair rein Qiandong is well known as Processing Distribution Center of Animal Hair in North China This enables us to provide to customers animal hair products with most economical cost guaranteed quality and delivery High quality raw materials experienced workers perfect equipment and professional sales staff are the four magic weapons...

Categories and Products

Shaving Brush Knot

Badger Hair Knot

Silvertip Badger Hair Knots Bulb Shape Finest Badger Hair Knots 25mm Pure Badger Hair Knot Best Badger Hair Knot High Density Silvertip Badger Hair Knot Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush Knots Finest Badger Hair Knot Silvertip Badger Brush Knots Natural Silvertip Badger Hair Knot Finest Badger Hair Shave Brush Knot Badger Hair Shaving Brush Knot Two Band Badger Hair Shaving Brush Knot Black Badger Hair Shaving Brush Knot High-end Customize Badger Shaving Brush Knot Two Band Badger Hair Knot 24mm Natural Silvertip Badger Hair Knot Bulb Shape Manchurian Badger Hair Knot Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush Knots Silvertip Badger Hair Shaving Brush Knots High Mountain White Badger Hair Shaving Brush Knots 

Horse Tail Tair Knot

Horse Hair Shaving Brush Knot Black Horse Hair Shaving Knots Natural Horse Hair Shaving Brush Knots 28mm White Horse Hair Shaving Brush Knot 24mm Black Horse Hair Shaving Brush Knot Natural White Horse Hair Shaving Brush Knot Mixed Horse Hair Knot Horse Hair Shaving Knot 24mm Soft Bulb Shape Horse Hair Knots High Density 24mm White Horse Hair Knot Factory price cheap Horse Hair Shaving Brush Knot Factory Made Horse Hair Shaving Brush Knot 22/65mm Horse Hair Wet Shaving Brush Knot 22/65mm Natural Black Horse Hair Knot 

Bristle Hair Knot

Boar Bristle Shaving Brush Knot 30mm Boar Bristle Hair Shaving Brush Knot 24mm White Boar Hair Shaving Brush Knot Sell Hog Bristle Shaving Brush Knot Stiff Boar Hair Knots 24mm White Boar Bristle Hair Knots Boar Hair Shaving Brush Knots Soft White Bristle Hair Knot For Sale Natural Hog Bristle Beard Brush Knot Bristles Hair Shaving Brush Knot Handmade Boar Hair Knots 

Shaving Brush Set

Customize Shaving Brush with Silvertip Badger Hair Shaving Brush with Two Band Badger Hair Knot Shaving Brush with Best Badger Hair Knot Shaving Brush with Pure Badger Hair Knot Shaving Brush with Black Badger Hair Knot Wooden Handle 21mm Badger Hair Shaving Brush Customer Made 22mm Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush Customer Logo Silvertip Badger Hair Shaving Brush Metal Handle Black Badger Hair Shaving Brush Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush For Sale Customer Logo Black Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush Badger Hair Shaving Brush Set For Sell Wholesale Price Shaving Brush Set Custom Badger Hair Shaving Brush Kits Customize Shaving Brush Set Badger Hair Knot With Stone Handle Shaving Brush Custom Logo Silvertip Badger Shave Brush Synthetic Hair Knot Resine Handle Shaving Brush Customer Made Black Badger Hair Shaving Brush Resin Handle Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush 

Synthetic Hair Knot

Imitation Badger Synthetic Brush Knots for Shaving Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot Tuxedo Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot Black Color White Tips Synthetic Hair Knots 24mm Bulb Shape Nylon Hair Shaving Knot 24mm Tuxedo Black Synthetic Hair Knots 22mm Silvertip Synthetic Hair Shaving Knots Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot For Sale Durable Synthetic Bristle Shaving Brush Knot Synthetic Shaving Brush Knots Customized Synthetic Hair Knot Synthetic Black Badger Shaving Brush Knot Ubersoft Synthetic Shaving Brush Knots 20mm Black Color Synthetic Hair Shaving Knots 20mm Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush Knot 20/63mm Customized Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot 24mm Soft Silvertip Synthetic Hair Knots Synthetic Nylon Hair Shaving Brush Knot 25mm High Density Soft Synthetic Hair Knot 20mm Fan Shape Silver Synthetic Hair Knot 

Horse Tail Hair

Violin Bow Hair

Horse Tail Hair for Violin Bow Hair 75cm White Horse Tail Hair Horse Hair for Violin Bow Hair Black Horse Tail Hair for Vilion Bow Mongolian Stallion Horsehair Violin Bow Hair 42 Inch Black Horse Tail Hair Hot Sale Horse Tail Hair White Horse Tail Hair Violin Bow Hair Bundles White Horse Tail Hair Horse Hair Bundles for Violins/Viola/Cello bows Black Horse Tail Hair For Violin Bow Natural Black 88cm Horse hairs Mongolia Natural White Horse Tail Hair Natural Stallion 32inch Horse Tail Hair Natural White Horse Hairs For Violin Bow Natural Black Violin Bow Horse Hairs 33inch Natural Horse Tail Hair Black Horse Hair Bundles for Violin bows Mongolia Stallion Horse Mane Tail Hair 31inch White Mongolian Stallion Horse Tail Hair 

False Horse Tail Hair

Creamy White Horse Tail Extensions For Sale False Horse Tails for Decoration Pure White False Horse Tail Hair Dyed Black Horse Tail Hair Extension 510g 75cm False Horse Tail Hair 90cm Natural White False Horse Tail Hair Brown Color 70-75cm Horse Tail Extensions Colorful Double Thickness False Horse Tail Hair Horse Tail Extension Handmade Real Horse Tail Extensions False Horse Tails Horse Tail Extensions for Sale Hand Crafted False Tails for Show Horses Hot Selling False Horse Tail 2018 Hot Sell False Horse Tail Hair 76cm Chestnut Horse Tail Hair For Sale 90cm Black False Horse Tail Hair For Sale 76cm Horse Tail Extension Doulbe 340g Horse Tail Extension Durable Horse Tail Extension 

Horse Mane Hair

White Horse Mane Hair Double Drown in Bundles Horse Mane Hair for Sale Natural White Horse Mane Tail Hair Natural Black Horse Mane Hair 15cm Mixed Color Horse Mane Hair 6-8inch Horse Mane Hairs Black Horse Tail Hair For Make Brush Black Horse Mane Tail Hairs 20cm Horse Mane Hair For Brushes 8inch Natural White Horse Mane Hair 18cm Horse Mane Tail Hairs Combed Horse Mane Hair for Lime Plaster White/Grey/Black Horse Mane Hair in Bundles Horse Mane Hair for Horsehair Braiding Black Mane Horse Hair Natural White Horse Mane Hair 12Inch White Horse Mane Hair 9 Inch Black Horse Mane Hair Natural Black Color Horse Mane Hair White Ox Hair for Traditional Plasters 

Animal Fine Hair

Horse Body Hair

Dressed Horse Body Hair for Cosmetic Brush 29mm Dark Brown Pony Hair 25mm Brown Pony Hair For Artist Brushes Dressed 35mm Light Brown Pony Hair 44mm Pony Hair For Cosmetic Brushes Brown Color Pony Hair For Make Brushes 51mm Combed Pony Hair 29mm Brown Horse Body Hair 29mm Brown Dressed Horse Body Hair Brown Horse Body Hair For Sale Colored wigs for women 30mm Soft Brown Pony Hair For Cosmetic Brush New fake horse mane and tail hair Factory Sales 100cm Nature Black Horse Tail Hair Top Grade Mongolia Nature White Horse Tail Hair Competitive Price Popular upholstery horse hair fabric Sell High Quality Lining Cloth Horse Hair Textile 

Badger Hair

Badger Hair for Making Brushes Soft Badger Hair Materials For Brushes Sell Natural Color Badger Hair Dressed Natural Soft Badger Hair 

Goat Hair

51mm White Goat Hair for Makeup Brush Combed White Goat Hair for Lime Plaster Goat Hair for Sale Double Drawn Natrual Color Goat Hair Natural White Goat Hair For Cosmetic Brushes Black Color 51mm Goat Hair Natural Color Goat Hair For Make Brushes 60mm White Double Drawn Goat Hair Well Dressed 45mm Goat Hair For Sale Natural And Dyed Black Color Goat Hair Natural Soft Goat Hair Soft Goat Hair For The Cosmetic Brush BJF Goat Hair Re-Dressed for Brushes NO.2 Goat Hair & NO.10 Goat Hair Black Goat Hair for Watercolor Brush Double Drawn Black Goat Hair 51mm White Double Drawn Goat Hair 45mm Dyed Black Goat Hair For Brushes 60mm Dressed White Goat Hair For Brush White Washed Natural Goat Hair 

Ox Ear Hair

Ox Ear Hair for Artist and Nail brushes Dark Brown Ox Ear Hair Used for Brushes Soft 30mm Ox Hair For Cosmetic Brushes Brown Cow Ear Hair For Artist Brush Brown Color Super Ox Ear Hair OX Ear Hair For Sale Dressed Cow/Ox Ear Hair for Brush Natural Cattle Tail Hair double drawn cattle tail hair of brush Cow Ear Hair Making Artist Brush 12 Inch Natural White Cattle Tail Hair Long-term supply cattle tail hair 

Bristle Hair

Nature White Pig Hair for Brush Natural White Boiled Bristle Hair Natural Black Boiled Bristle Hair 38mm Bleached White Pig Bristle Hair 60% Tops White Boar Bristle for Brushes 57mm White Boiled Bristle Pig Hair Natural Black Boiled Pig Hair Unbleached White 44mm Hog Bristle Hair Boiled Pig Bristle for Paint Brushes Natural White Boar Bristle Hair Bleached Water Boiled White Bristle Pig Hair Wholesale Hog Bristle Hair Combed Animal Hair for Brush Making Coarse Animal Bristle for Brush Making Cattle Cow Tail Hair Hand Comb Hog Bristle Hair Sale Double Drawn Natural White Hog Bristle Hair 90% Rate Natural White Boar Bristle 80% Tops Boiled Hog Bristle High Quality 90% top Boiled Hog Bristle 

Hair Brush

Cosmetic Brush

High Quality 10pcs Cosmetic Brushes 7pcs Synthetic Hair Make Up Brush beauty makeup brush cosmetics set 

Painting Brush

Pure bristle hair paint brush with wooden handle white color goat hair plat art brush 

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